Comprehensive services for customers both at home and abroad


Overall Service System

Complete Service Resources -- Well-trained staff; perfect regional service network; sufficient reserves of spare parts; fast service response.
Housekeeper-style & Value-added Services -- Adhere to comprehensive and whole-process service concept; provide consulting, engineering,
maintenance, spare parts, training and other services from customers’ perspectives.
Focusing on Customer -- Provide plant training, on-site training and systematic training according to customer demand; offer special “safeguard”
service regularly for equipments when required; periodic site inspection or door-to-door visit; renovate according to users’ requirements;
full warranty of spare parts supply freely within a year after line acceptance and maintenance during the whole service life of Zhongchen products.


Equipment and service scope:
Glass & PET bottling line & canning line for:beverage & water, beer, and condiments & (carbonated) alcoholic drinks;
Processing system for beverage & other drinks;
Turn-key project utility system integration;
Turn-key project pipings & electrical system.
Domestic After-sales Service:
Sales Hotline:152 0988 6996 / 0551-6255 2086
Warranty Period Service :152 5608 7063      
Spare Parts & Overhauling Service  :152 5608 7055   
Email:  info@hfzcqj.com 
Address: No.206, Jinxiu Avenue, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hefei 230601, Anhui, PRC.
Overseas After-sales Service:
Tel: +86-551- 62552070 / 62552071 / 62552083
Fax: +86-551- 62552001
Email: info@hfzcqj.com
Address: No.206, Jinxiu Avenue, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hefei 230601, Anhui, PRC.