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Hefei Zhongchen Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd continuously stresses on HR as the core power of development. Talents as individuals of HR, should purse nobility and goodness, and then are brilliant. With economic globalization, commercial competition’s essence is the contention of resources; however, HR is the first. Hefei Zhongchen Co., a modern enterprise based on for long-term development, takes HR development as a long-term strategy, focusing on discovering, developing, appropriately employing and better treating talents.

Our mission is to build an outstanding team, create a top enterprise, and provide a performance stage for employees and best services for customers. “Intermediate Worker”, “Senior Worker”, “Excellent Employee” and “Brand Employee” are honors for the talents, even are the human capital of the enterprise. Hefei Zhongchen Co. continuously fosters and absorbs tablets, and ranks a leading position in competition for a long term based on the advantages of HR.