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High-end Blower-Filler-Capper Combi-bloc Introduction

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In recent years, Hefei Zhongchen continuously increased the innovation investment on the PET blower-filler-capper combi-bloc, has overcome a series of key bottleneck technologies for aseptic combi-bloc and achieved independent own design & manufacturing of combi-bloc for CSD, water, juice, edible oil, cosmetic product in PET or PP containers starting from 5,000bph up to 48,000bph. Hefei combi-bloc integrates the advanced servo stretching system which outputs steadily 2400bph per cavity, 6-valve blowing system, electronic flowmeter valve filling and other international cutting-edge technologies, therefore, Hefei has been preferred vendor in high-end PET bottling line market.

The combi-bloc composed of blowing unit, filling unit & capping unit achieves multi-unit equipment integration control and production through the integrated application of multi-disciplinary including optical, mechanical and electric engineering etc. & servo synchronization control & production. The combi-bloc greatly saves the footprint area of bottling line as the traditional empty bottle air conveyor and bottle rinsing equipment. Besides it also reduces bottle rinsing water consumption & air conveyor power consumption, and has a better guarantee of whole equipment hygiene through great reduction of intermediate bottle transmission parts and better helps the client to improve the complete bottling line efficiency, and decrease the investment cost, utility consumption, maintenance cost.


Advantages of Blower-Filler-Capper Combi-bloc

01 6-valve bottle blowing process saves 50% air consumption
The blow moulder adopts 6 bottle blowing valves, 3 times bottle blowing plus twice recycled blown air blowing process. Comparing with conventional 4-valve bottle blowing process (Pre-blowing, high pressure blowing, air recycle, air exhaust), the blower adds intermediate blowing process, and the intermediate blown air will be recycled for pre-blowing as first air recovery, then the high pressure blown air will also be recycled for pre-blowing, ionized dedusting and other air control purpose as secondary air recovery. The 6-valve bottle blowing process could reduce around 50% air consumption and greatly saves the power consumption of air compressor as well.

02 Modular design with quick-change over
Modular and standard design heating head, lamp boxes, mold sketch, manipulator, stretching parts are easy to dismantle and maintain.

03 Servo stretch system
Rotary stretch control with servo motor instead of conventional stretch air cylinder to finish preform stretching process in higher stability & speed without air consumption.

Servo st
retch system

● Segmented speed control to ensure the stretch precision and blowing quality.
Torque protection when stretching to the bottom.
● Automatic travel measurement: the stretch rod moves downwards according to set torque value until the stretch rod reaches the preform, then the torque start increasing until it reaches set torque value. Afterwards the servo stretch rod move upward, the upward displacement is stretch travel. 
● Prevention from the deviation by manual measurement of the travel.
● Prevention from preform damage caused by manual measurement (safety control during failure).
● During machine stop in malfunction, the servo-driven stretch rod will retreat to safety position, then stops STO servo.

04 Hygienic Production
Despite the air compressor supplied air is oil-free & water-free, the blow moulder air inlet system is with double-stage precision filtration, 1st stage filtration is 1μm with oil limitation of 0.1ppm, 2nd stage filtration 0.01μm with oil limitation of 0.01ppm, which further guarantees the bottle blowing hygiene.

The electrostatic caused by preform friction during production transmission may absorb the dust to preforms, as the combi-block cancels the bottle rinsing unit, in order to remove the dust from preform, Hefei Zhongchen blower adopts rotary plug-in ionized dedusting unit with high pressure & efficiency ionized nozzle which could quickly control and remove the dust to guarantee hygienic blowing.

Ionized dedusting system

05  Flowmeter type electronic-valve filling system
Flowmeter type electronic-valve filling system with filling precision of ±1.5ml (based on 500ml) which helps to reduce the product loss.
Up to 18℃ filling temperature for carbonated soft drinks with unique design which helps to reduce the chilling power cost and steam consumption.
With patented short-travel PET bottle lifting device and modular design of filling valve & lifting cylinder & CIP cup, the filling system could save the 1 ton weight and reduces the running load & saves the energy consumption & maintenance cost.
Integrated auto CIP cup in filling valve. Through to one-click on air cylinder button to reach automatic CIP cup which saves a lot of manual operation time.

 flowmeter filling valve

06 Advanced capping system 
The cap chute is with up & down cap jam inspection & cap stop device etc. to achieve no bottle no cap supply, no missing cap with bottle presence, automatic intelligent running without manual intervention and avoid the waste of the bottles, caps and products.
The capping head is designed with distributed high-precision magnetic rings, flanging technology & stainless steel cladding with high corrosion resistance. The magnetic equilibrium moment technology prevents capping over tight, reduce the torque variation during dismantlement and reduce the impact wear to the system as well. Besides the optional advanced constant torque capping head is available with more stable finished product capping torque free from torque variation by pulse impact.
Optimized capping cam curve which is more adapted to bottle neck thread turn angle and sufficient cam capping rounds which meets the capping degree specification, are suitable for major market cap thread specification including PCO1810, PCO1881, 3025 caps. Optional differential capping drive technology through simple control parameter setting is suitable for multi type cap thread specifications and flexible to handle different types of caps.
Optional waterfall type cap feeding and sorting with less cap damage during transmission.
Optional cap sterilizing system can meet higher filling & capping hygiene requirement, e.g. conventional liquid disinfectant rinsing method. Besides physical dry sterilization method without chemicals through ionized dedusting and UV sterilization is also available which could realize dedusting and sterilization without water consumption.

Capping system