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Bottle Washer Commercial Running in Carlsberg Ningxia Plant

Hits:        Time:2021-11-12 15:48:00
In October of golden autumn, under Helan Mountain, the bottle washer turnkey project of Carlsberg undertaken by Hefei Zhongchen was successfully put into production in its Ningxia plant.  

Ningxia Xixia Brewery Co., Ltd. is located in Helan Desheng Industrial Park, Yinchuan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region ---- commonly known as Phenix City called "Pearl on the Frontier".  The pollution-free green agricultural planting base has advantaged climate conditions for barley and hops to develop beer industry, with sufficient sunshine, wide temperature variety from day to night and full irrigation by gravity. Beer brewing water source is very pure, all from the deep underground. The company main products are Xixia brand 9°, 10°, 11° pale beer, Ningshen brand 9°, 10° pale beer and annual output of 80 million glass bottles (green, white, brown) with various volumes, bottle types, specifications and grades.  
Carlsberg group attaches great importance to product quality, from raw materials to strict selection of quality partners.  For more than a decade, Hefei Zhongchen, as a leading enterprise in the industry, has provided lots of production lines for Carlsberg global factories, such as China, Vietnam, Nepal, Malawi, Laos and other countries. Hefei Zhongchen was honored to be awarded the turnkey project once again by Carlsberg after Tianmu Lake plant and Wusu plant, which solid the road of cooperation between Hefei Zhongchen and the international leading company.  

The self-developed deep compartment bottle washer is favored by customers for its advantages of water saving, caustic saving, energy saving, high rate label removal and cleanness, etc. This good cooperation will continue to promote the deeper cooperation between Hefei Zhongchen and Carlsberg group in the future.