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Flourishing Business in African Market in COVID Period

Hits:        Time:2021-12-21 15:56:00

With the end of the 1st year on the 14th five-year plan, Hefei has achieved a great success in marketing sales, prominently for African market, which contributed more than 20 million USD transactions to its annual turnover in 2021.
As the 2nd largest beer brand in the world, Heineken Group continued its Scale 2.0 plan of Suppliers development. As one of its top 20 core suppliers globally, Hefei undertakes the most packaging line projects. In the past year, Hefei received orders for 2 flagship plant production line projects in Africa, i.e. PET malt beverage line from blowing machine to packing and RGB combination line for beer and Coca Cola. The equipment manufacturing inspection was completed and delivered to site, planning to do installation & commissioning.

One of the Chinese investment tycoons who have many beverage production lines in over 20 African countries from Fujian has successively selected 5 PET CSD lines from Hefei after comparison with some other suppliers, and separately installed in Ghana, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Angola & Tanzania. Uganda customer placed order to Hefei for a glass beer line immediately to launch their beer business after evaluating potential suppliers. Zimbabwe client took the repeat order to Hefei for its PET CSD line expansion business; PepsiCo India bought packaging equipment for their 3 sub-companies in Africa; Customer in Algeria was moved by Hefei salesman’s perseverance, sincerity and expertise and gave the order on PET CSD turn-key project with servo stretching blow moulder and flow-meter type filler.  
In 2021, under the on-going severe global COVID-19 pandemic, Hefei helped customers to realize lines production in Equatorial Guinea, Morocco, Egypt, Zambia, Burundi, DRC, Algeria & Republic of Guinea etc.
Over the years, Hefei has been rooted in the exploration & development of African market and its branding has covered almost the whole Africa. Under the pandemic, cooperation is quite valuable. Hefei has already paid the way for the future sustainable and concrete development in the market due to its cutting-edge product & superior service, which also laid a foundation for its development strategy of 14th five-year plan.