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Remote Commissioning and Diagnostics -- support on quick start-up and stable running in COVID period

Hits:        Time:2022-03-25 16:01:00
Due to ongoing COVID outbreak, domestic and international traveling are still limited. Hefei electrical and automation team opened up a new mode of remote commissioning and diagnostics, to support on lines quick start-up and stable running. Applying internet technology, remote operation and maintenance platform was established providing 7 x24 hours service to customers, fulfilling the remote installation, commissioning and diagnostics. Therefore, Hefei could provide accurate and in time service for the customers, significantly reduces customers’ service cost, and effectively avoids the epidemic infection risk.  
With COVID outbreak, high-end and high-quality packaging equipment become the first choice of customers, and orders are concentrated to the leading suppliers.  High-end equipment suppliers gather resources, can quickly and systematically create a new remote service mode, in order to support the growing customer demand. More importantly, only high quality, low defect, low fault rate equipment can easily complete remote installation, commissioning and diagnostics, so customers prefer to those suppliers to provide a continuous quality guarantee and high quality remote service available in any time.  This is why the domestic and international business performance of Hefei increased significantly even in COVID period.  

Hefei installed a 60,000cph beer canning line in Volga brewery (Heineken Russia) started with 449ml SKU, in February this year, another SKU of 330ml sleek was planned to add.  In order to fulfill the request, Hefei applied remote commissioning mode. With the cooperation of both sides, the new SKU was realized production only after one day work, helping customer win the first opportunity in market. The technical strength, service spirit and equipment quality won high praise from Heineken Group. 
Meanwhile, according to requirement of some high-end customers, Hefei achieved centralized data collection, analysis and diagnosis, remote control, involving production by communication modules at machines, main switch  and VPN connection.

COVID changed our living and working style, remote service becomes more and more important. Based on strong technical advantages and capability of remote service, Hefei can provide the best solution and in time service. That’s what our slogan says: We Find Ways...!