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Development of Alcoholic Drinks Bottling Line

Hits:        Time:2022-02-18 16:06:00
Hefei Zhongchen Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd is a leading supplier in Asia in the field of liquid food filling and packaging equipment industry. Part of the main product is the production line machinery for alcoholic drinks. Since 1980s, Hefei has been engaged in the design and manufacturing of alcoholic drinks production line equipment. Through years of technical precipitation and market practical experience, it has created complete product coverage of filling and packaging production lines for beer, craft beer, carbonated alcoholic drinks, liquor, spirits, rice wine and red wine, etc. Applicable packaging containers include one-way glass bottle, returnable glass bottle, can, stainless steel bottle, PET bottle, aluminum bottle, aluminum can, etc. The key production lines already exported to more than 70 countries around the world.
In beer industry, Hefei has been starting the cooperation with China domestic famous breweries since the 1980s, which includes Tsingtao Beer, Yanjing Beer, CRB, etc. In international market, it successfully entered the global brewery giants, such as Carlsberg, Heineken and AB-Inbev, etc. These years, Hefei has continuous cooperation in China and abroad. As a leading supplier in the beer filling and packaging industry, Hefei has been selected as one of the top 20 key suppliers for global market by Heineken. Typical products include 40,000~50,000bph beer glass bottling line, 60,000~90,000cph beer canning line, which received high praise from brewery giants.
In recent years, with the consumption upgrading in beer market, the craft beer industry is growing very fast. Hefei has made a deep research and development on the technologies of craft beer, which perfectly catering the market demand. At present, the company has obtained the ability to supply a complete set of filling and packaging line for various packaging containers which includes glass bottle, can, PET, stainless steel, etc. In order to meet the diversified needs from customers, Hefei independently developed the model BG2000 craft beer filling 4 in 1 bloc machine, which is compatible with integrated flexibility of filling in both glass and can. This innovation has won the award of "Year 2021 Science and Technology Award and Technology Innovation Award", and achieved the title of "Key New Products in Anhui Province". Through the deep cultivation in the field of craft beer industry, Hefei has established a wide cooperation with the well-known craft beer breweries from China and abroad. The typical clients include Urbrew, Ruinsbrew, Heimen Beer, Xizang Barley Beer, Tsingtao Golden Beach, Yanjing HuiQuan Beer, Budweiser, CRB Craft Beer etc, total nearly 70 companies.
In the field of carbonated alcoholic drinks and RTD industry, with the development of China domestic and foreign markets, Hefei has gained a big batch of typical clients such as Bacardi, RIO, Diageo, Charlesburg, Carbonell, etc because of its leading position in the carbonated soft drinks industry.
In the field of liquor, spirits, rice wine and red wine industry, Hefei has deep technical precipitation. For the filling technology, Hefei has the key and advanced technologies such as the electronic-valve filling with high accuracy and safety explosion-proof design. For the packaging containers, company has developed technologies compatible for various containers types, such as one-way glass, returnable glass bottle, flat bottle and square bottle, etc. Typical clients are JiangXiaoBai, Diageo, DMC, THAIBEV, etc.
In terms of rice wine industry, China domestic market has a big potential demand. The rice wine usually needs a strict and high standard on filling process, especially for the craft rice wine. In this industry, Hefei has lots of installation references and rich experience on the filling and packaging technologies, successively achieved a batch of famous clients in China Hubei province and South Korea markets. Hefei can provide a perfect solution in case clients have such product demands.