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Hefei Zhongchen Assists Cheerday Line Expansion

Hits:        Time:2021-08-18 16:18:00
On August 13th, a ceremony of Cheerday beer line expansion was held in Chun’an, Hangzhou. Relevant leaders from Cheerday beer and Chun’an economic development zone participated in.
It is reported that Cheerday beer& beverage production line expansion project total investment is around 300 million yuan covering area of 129.8 acres, which includes production lines of 250 million litres beverage and 150 million litres beer per year.  It is understood that the project will be developed in two phases, with the first phase investment of about 200 million yuan, mainly to build yearly 250 million liters beverage line, which is expected to be completed by the end of January 2022.  
Hefei is fortunate to be one of the main equipment suppliers of the production line expansion project, undertaking the main equipment for high-speed canning beer&beverage combination line and the flexible beer&beverage line turnkey project.  
The two lines are highly flexible, automatic and intelligent.  The lines can realize the production of carbonated soft drinks, non-carbonated plant protein, energy drinks and beer. They are suitable for both cold filling and hot filling.  The flexible line can handle aluminum bottles and glass bottles with a variety of closures, such as aluminum screw cap, ring pull caps, crown corks and swing caps.  In terms of line automation, due to highly automated equipment configuration and the unique optimization design of layout, the whole line only requires 3 operators.  In terms of line intelligence, the whole line is equipped with intelligent line management system including central operation room, centralized monitoring and remote control.  

Hangzhou Daily reported that the expansion is based on years of internal integration, optimization of organizational structure and management mechanism of Cheerday, it is "bigger" on the basis of "stronger", and also the expression that Chun 'an beverage market expansion drives capacity expansion.  
The person in charge of the Management Committee of Chun’an economic development zone said that the development zone will adhere to the service concept of "Project is King", shall set up a special service team for Cheerday expansion project promotion to track the dynamic project progress, coordinate and solve issues encountered in the construction process. They shall provide good service in the whole process of Cheerday project, strive to achieve "acceleration" of project construction, completion, and production capacity. 
Through the project cooperation, Hefei deepened partnership with Cheerday, which will inject new innovation elements and highlights into the beer and beverage industry, and show the power of Chinese engineering, design and manufacturing.