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Hefei Combibloc Has Been Put into Production Successfully in Venezuela

Hits:        Time:2022-06-07 15:01:15

Although the pandemic had a huge impact in the past two years, the overseas business of Hefei Zhongchen has been growing against the trend. All projects have been carried out in an orderly manner and good news keeps pouring in. The combibloc project signed with Venezuelan client has been successfully put into production recently.  
The client is one of the major beverage manufacturers in Venezuela, who occupy an important market share in the local industry of carbonated drinks.  Since the first cooperation in 2019, Hefei Zhongchen has continuously provided 4 sets of CSD PET bottling line equipment, including one PET bottling line of 24000bph carbonated drinks and two lines of 16000bph carbonated drinks with 2L PET bottle, in addition to the project of combibloc signed this time. 
This project is to upgrade the client's existing bottled water production line to carbonated beverage production line.  The focus of the project is on the upgrade of existing blowing, filling and capping system. By utilizing the existing blowing machine, the filler & capper are added to the docking, which complete implement of combibloc design. In addition, a new mixer of flow meter technology is equipped.
During the decision-making stage, the client learned that Hefei Zhongchen had maintained a leading edge in the carbonated beverage field through various investigation and evaluation. In addition, considering good operation performance of the project already put into production, finally the project was awarded to Hefei Zhongchen in August 2021.  Hefei Zhongchen also lived up to customers' expectations. In spite of the impact of global pandemic and tight supply chain, Hefei zhongchen realized the project delivery on schedule by taking advantage of its own resource advantages, manufacturing capabilities and remote service capabilities, and arranged engineers for installation and commissioning in the first time after the equipment arrives at the site.  During this period, Hefei Zhongchen gave full play to the advantages of independent professional technology of combibloc, well solved the equipment docking, synchronous control and machine automation and other difficulties, to help the client in the fastest time for smooth commercial production and seize market share.  
In the context of the pandemic, the company’s overseas business continued to grow and received continuous orders from well-known brand clients. This not only reflects good equipment quality, but also shows the solid comprehensive strength. In technology, manufacturing, resources, services and other aspects, Hefei Zhongchen always uphold the concept of comprehensive development and continuous progress in order to help the clients develop, achieve win-win, and promote the improvement of the industry level.