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Hefei Zhongchen Hands with Jianlibao and Watsons for 72,000~90,000cph Ultra-high Speed Multi-can Type Flexible Line for Both Cold Fill and Hot Fill

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The flexible lines cooperated with Jianbao and Watsons successively marks the magnificent debut of Made-in-China ultra-high-speed production line and represents another major scientific and technological progress for the liquid food light industry machinery and equipment.

The project combines many features:
  • High flexibility: Compatible with 150ml mini can, 270ml slim cans, 330ml standard can and slim can, 500ml standard can and other types of can and lid, using cold filling, room temperature or high temperature filling, for production of CSD or NCB, which covers almost all the canned beverage and beer product visible on the market.
  • Equipment high speed: The speed of filler & seamer can reach 72,000~90,000 cph, flowmeter type mixer up to 60 tons/hour.
  • Green energy saving: The filling temperature of CSD can reach 18~20℃, greatly reducing energy consumption.
  • Electronic digitization: Full flow meter filling system, flow meter online mixer, central remote monitoring and operation & maintenance, can be used as connection link for MES and ERP.
     Hefei Zhongchen has set up 72,000~90,000cph high speed canning line as key design project very early, with customer references for hundreds of lines, which are medium-high speed and ultra-high speed from 36,000 to 90,000cph.  Widely serving for hundreds of clients at home and abroad, including PepsiCo, JDB, Heineken, China Resources Snow Beer, etc., the rich experience in design, manufacturing, operation & maintenance has been accumulated.
      Meanwhile, Hefei Zhongchen owns a full series of 6 heads and 12 heads first-class medium-high speed seamer independently designed and produced, of which 12 heads seamer has the maximum speed of 110,000cph, which truly realizes the Made-in-China design and manufacturing of ultra-high speed filler & seamer.       

Hefei Zhongchen canning line includes depalletizer, key filler & seamer, intelligent lid feeder / cap sterilization, mixer, spray/sterilization tunnel, packaging machine, palletizer, stretch wrapping machine, conveyor system, etc., integrated with beverage pre-processing system, water treatment system, energy/power and other utility engineering system, the whole line intelligent management operation & maintenance system, which is turn-key project supply chain integration for the complete canning line.