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Aseptic/Ultra-Cleaning Glass bottling Line Production

Hits:        Time:2024-01-22 16:38:49
Recently, HF.ZCQJ undertook one high-speed aseptic/ultra cleaning glass bottling line at Beijing Yiqing food group Danjiangkou industrial park to produce high-end juice bottle relying on the abundant water resource & quality orange in Danjiangkou.

The aseptic/ultra-cleaning production line adopts the domestic latest cutting-edge technology including glass bottle disinfectant rinsing & sterilized water rinsing, flowmeter control filling for glass bottle, Auto CIP cup for glass bottle filling valves, Aseptic ring-pull cap application etc. The project technology is of great challenge, the assessment committee finally selected HF.ZCJQ after considerate investigation & comparison, which is the recognition of the technical ability of HF.ZCQJ.

HF.ZCQJ developed own glass bottle capper for both crowns & ring-pull caps with imported most advanced European ring-pull capping technology, and own experience & technology, which is capable of quick changeover between crown & ring pull caps, and HF.ZCQJ has applied this technology to Yanjin beer, CRB Snow beer, Tsingtao beer, Carlsberg, Heineken, Blue Ribbon beer, Jiangxiaobai, Qiandaohu beer and other hundreds of customers.

HF.ZCQJ Research Institute is a national technology center, relying on deep historical precipitation and technological innovation, has been committed to leading the development trend of industry equipment. HF.ZCQJ will continue to increase the research and development of glass bottle aseptic technology, and maintain a leading position in glass bottle filling technology. Finally, We wish Beijing Yiqing Food Group (Danjiangkou) high-end juice products all the best! & win-win cooperation with HF.ZCQJ.