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Questionnaire Analysis for exhibitors of CBB 2010

Hits:        Time:2010-01-29 20:00:00
During the period of CBB 2010, exhibition sponsor carried on the questionnaire survey for exhibitors:

1. As 29% of domestic enterprises and 42% of international enterprises participated in CBB for the first time, this number reflected from one side the domestic liquid food technology and equipment market was increasing prosperously, development and change was great.


2. 31% of domestic exhibitors and 55% of international exhibitors thought the factors which attracted exhibitors was mainly from influence of CBB exhibition, while 24% of domestic exhibitors and 23% of international exhibitors attended because of participation of high quality professional audience. This from one side reflected popularity of CBB in international liquid food and related fields was increasing.

3. During CBB 2010, the sponsor focused on publicity.


4. The spotlight is that technical seminars matched with the exhibition has reached the level of a new record whether exhibitor quantity or quality, etc.


5. As a whole, the satisfaction of domestic exhibitors reached 98%, 99% of the exhibitors will continue to participate in the next exhibition, while the satisfaction of international exhibitors reached 91%, 95% of the exhibitors will continue to participate next time.