Beer Package Line Solution
  • Beer Glass Bottling Line

  • Product Infomation

    Scope of Supply:Crate depalletizer, decrate,crate washer, bottle washer, flier & crowner monobloc, cap feeder, ink jet code, tunnel pasteurize, labeler, crater, palletizer, full bottle/pack conveyor, electrical control system, etc.

    Optional Equipments:Full-automatic bottle depalletizer, rinser &flier & crowe monobloc for new bottles, and crton /shrink film can be selected for seconday packaging.

    Production Capacity:6000-60000BPH.

    2. Double-end Bottle Washer(Ⅰ)
    •  The bottle washer is double-end type, with bottle infeed and discharge at each end. Main drive adopts SEW product modulated with frequency conversion. Multiple safe overload protection devices are equipped to ensure production safe and reliable.

    •  For high speed bottle washer, four, five or six caustic soaking compartments with sufficient caustic soaking time, multiple label extractors, and multi-rotary (or reciprocating) sprinklings ensure washed bottles in accordance with sanitary standard. Smooth bottle infeed and discharge by means of proper design.

    •  Bottle carriers are welded and very firm, and steel pockets with plastic inserts for protection of mouth and centering of bottle (Optional: full plasfic pockets). The caustic solution concentration is able to pre-set in each compartment as per customer requirements, with optional PSL label removal feature, and auto caustic dosing system is equipped.  
    Super energy saving features:

    •  Reduced water consumption. Best practice is 0.16Liters/bottle only by means of rotary sprinkling design, fresh water flow/pressure regulation & reduced nozzle size, and increased water circulation.

    •  Steam saving feature. Heat recovery design by means of heat exchange between last caustic compartment and first caustic compartment.

    •  Electricity saving feature by means of IE 3 bevel gear motors, and enhanced bottle carrier with less weight.

    3. Double-end Bottle Washer(Ⅱ)

    4. Single-end Bottle Washer
    •  Bottle infeed and discharge are at the same end, with compact structure, small occupying area, convenient operation and maintenance.

    •  Advanced rotary swing structure infeed / discharge section, with stable operation and low noise.

    •  Multiple bottle inside tracking sprinkling and bottle bottom fixed sprinkling, together with two strong water removing and drying fans can ensure minimal residuals, in accordance with sanitary standard.

    •  Three, four or five casutic soaking compartments and three label extractors as different capacity requirements.

    •  Multiple overload protection devices can completely ensure safe operation, automatically unload in case of bottle block and jam, and automatically reset after clearing of fault.


    5、Beer Filler&Crowner

    •  Short tube high accuracy pneumatic electro-filling valve, or mechanical filling valve with double pre-evacuation; Adopt CO2 or nitrogen as counter pressure gas, no bottle no pre-evacuation & no fill.

    •  Streamline welded filler platform with sanitary bedplate; Burst bottles flusher;  Filling bowl / control mechanism / crowner have auto elevating features.

    •  Suspension type main gear drive with VSD control; sanitary bottle guiders, intergrated bottle star wheels & open type bottle guiding plates; Centering devices with pre-centering by means of lifting guide poles with rollers; Side hanging bottle lifting cylinders.

    •  Interior guiding sleeves of crowning heads adopt imported lubrication free material guiding sleeve; Crowning pressure compensation devices on bottle lifting pads. Washable crowning heads reducing the risk of microbial pollution. With optional feature to use normal crown cap & ring-pull cap in one crowner.

    •  Equipped with imported high-pressure bubbler, bubbling with 85℃ hot sterilized water, and bubbling pressure is sync control with filler speed.

    •  Nashi brand vacuum pump with S.S water circulation tank features water temperature circulation controlling to guarantee vacuum degree≤-0.085Mpa.

    •  Circulation CIP of filler with dummy cups, the channels are cleaned in sequence as per programs by means of open type valves / pipings station.

    •  Filling, burst bottles flushing, open&close of bowl gas vent tube, high-pressure bubbling, caps stirring, capping blow & feeding, display of cap lack, and machine lubrication, etc. are well auto-controlled via PLC & displayed on HMI. The machine speed is regulated as per bottle quantity signals from infeed / discharge conveyors, equipped with bottle infeed stopper, no bottle no filling & no capping, filling speed display & counter of filled bottles, etc. 

    6. Beer Tunnel Pasteurizer

    Tunnel Pasteurizer is mainly to pasteurize the beer / beverage products after filling. The machine can continuously sprinkle, warm up, pasterize, and cool down the bottled / canned beer or beverage to achieve proper pasteruizing effects.

    •  The machine is made of full stainless steel frame with compact structure and convenient maintenance. Double deck design is applied in middle & high capacity bottling line. The chain mesh is made of full stainless steel or engineering plastic type according to applications. Overcurrent protection and mechnical overload protection are installed to protect the machine.

    •  Water / heat recovery technology is equipped in warming up, pasteurizing, and cooling with water and heat saving features. The system will normally have 8 to 12 temperature zones, and the centralized heat exchanging design can be adopted.

    •  Less temperature gradient not only guarantees good pasteurizing effect, but also decreases bottle breakage rate. Temperature zones are established by means of sprinkling pipes with rectangular nozzles or orifices  which are not easily blocked, and easily to dismount for clean & maintenance by adopting fast plug-in structure.

    •   Auto PU control system is realized. The main drive will auto stop in case of bottle discharge jam. In prolong stoppage, the high temperature zone and heat preservation zone can automatically drop the temperature below proper temp. to avoid over PU value.

    7.Crater / Decrater

    •  The crater / decrater adopts translation type double-shaft servodrive system, with simple structure but stable operation, less noise and easier maintenance. Horizontal and vertical motions of bottle grippers are realized by synchronous belts (or pinions and racks) driven by the servo motors, so as to vertically crate/decrate very smoothly with longer bottle grippers life.

    •  High automation control by HMI, convenient for package changeover. Relevant parameters can be coordinately input on HMI.

    •  Bottle conveyor and crate conveyor installed are both modularly controlled by inverters to achieve consistent motions. Crates orientation has less requirements on crates size disuniform by means of two groups of crates orientation separately.

    •  Independent bottle waver and bottle arranging, reasonable structure.

    •  All pneumatic devices are oil-free lubrication, sanitary and clean.

    8. Crate Washer
    •  S-type tunnel structure, and the machine frame is made of full stainless steel.

    •  Automatic temperature control.

    •  To use filtered bottle washer discharge water in the heated compartment.

    •  Rinse with fresh water at discharge.

    •  Easy removable spray racks. Cleaning openings in each compartment.